So it begins

As I'm sitting here on my couch soaking up the warm November sun while my entire family is napping at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday, I am reflecting on the fact that God is so good.

He just is. 

He called Jordan and me to Africa many years ago, and as I think about how we've already made this move once, back in 2010 when we left our jobs, our apartment, the beach and our friends and family to move to Tanzania before Moses or Zuri ever joined our family, I'm reminded that He is in control. His plans are far greater than anything I could ever come up with. And even though our time in Tanzania was much shorter than either of us had ever dreamed of, we are certain this time this move is for good. 

This time it's Kenya. 


Africa is massive. It's a giant mix of jungle, desert, bush, and coastline. It walks that almost-invisible line between beautiful and treacherous. It gets under your skin. Let me say that again - Africa gets under your skin. But here's why that's the case: as much as Africa draws you in with its raw beauty, as much as the spread of sand and red dirt seep through your pores, it's the people who steal your heart right out from under you.

Vibrant, resilient, precious people. They're the real draw for us.

Earlier this year, after a full week in Peachtree City, Georgia, Jordan and I were appointed as missionaries with Africa Inland Mission. We will serve with a team of media missionaries based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our departure date is set for July (but we can leave as early as this spring if we can build our team of prayer and financial partners by then), and there are mountains to move before we get there. So please pray with us. There are days when it just looks impossible from where I sit, so it's a truly remarkable thing we worship a God who specializes in just this sort of thing. 

He's got this.

And for some reason he's choosing to use us to help build his kingdom. We're nothing special; not particularly gifted or or wonderful or selfless. We're just like anybody else, broken and flawed. But if He'll have us, we're so his for the taking.